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Spring is in the air ... finally. Now is the perfect time to try out a new signature scent – something that will really awaken your inner goddess. But with so many fragrances available, how can you possibly know which essence suits you best?

Fruity rhubarb, tea tones and cool mint are among the hottest new scents of Spring 2015, according to the latest trend report from Seven Scents, a UK-based fragrance company.

Goddess Gossip did some undercover detective work at Sephora and other hip perfumeries to find out which new fragrances are most on trend.

Tocca Brigitte
1.7 oz Eau de parfum

Channeling the aura of French actress and icon Brigitte Bardot, Brigitte is "whimsical and exotic," with top notes of rhubarb and undertones of musk. (The top note is the first scent that you take in, while undertones are among the last.)

Bulgari White Tea
1.33 oz Eau de Cologne Spray

Perfect for both him and her, Bulgari's white tea is soothing yet refreshing, largely due to the notes of white tea.

CLEAN Cool Cotton
2.14 oz

Spring is crisp and fresh, just like CLEAN Cool Cotton. Notes of light, refreshing mint blend with hints of sparkling mandarin, crisp green apple and lemon zest, resulting in an "understated," "airy" and "sparkling" fragrance.

When scent shopping, look for the missing note, says beauty blogger and fragrance aficionado Amanda Terry. "No fragrance will smell the same on two people because we all have our own natural scent." Spray, spritz or dab the scent on your wrist and let it marinate for about 20 minutes. "This is how to identify your missing note – which is also the scent that will linger longest."


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