Cosmetic Surgery Roundtables

This section presents conversations with surgeons in a roundtable setting on various topics in plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. In addition to specific procedures and emerging trends, you can improve your knowledge, and your experience, by reading these candid discussions among doctors talking about skin disorders, obesity issues, and a variety of body contouring strategies.

Here you get "the rest of the story" to round out your knowledge of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Obesity and Plastic Surgery

Surgeons discuss obesity, bariatric surgery, and other weight loss issues. Learn about obesity treatment options, patient expectations, and how to identify a qualified surgeon.

Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation uses "energy-delivery devices" or specific types of laser treatment for very specific skin disorders and many other conditions.

Redefined Bodily Appearance

Body fat transfers and body implants are two common types of treatments increasingly popular for overall body reshaping.

Thread Lift

This discussion among several expert plastic surgeons presents the pros and cons they see regarding the thread lift, a less invasive and more subtle kind of facelift.