Consumer Guide to Special Plastic Surgery Procedures

This section presents various plastic surgery procedures that do not have their own consumer guide section on this website. The field of plastic surgery is growing rapidly and many new procedures and treatments are developing. There are also combinations of plastic surgery procedures and skincare treatments to explore. This "Other Procedures" section provides some of these up-and-coming topics, which may eventually become their own topic section. We hope you will find what you are looking for!

Combination Treatment Plans

As the popularity of combining plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments increases, there are a number of trends emerging. This article explores some of the most common treatment-and-procedure combinations, and provides details to help you get started on your own treatment strategy.
Get the details on common combination treatment plans.


Cosmetic plastic surgery of the labia majora and labia minora, also known as labiaplasty, provides physical and psychological benefits for women. This highly specialized plastic surgery requires extensive experience and expertise. The few surgeons who are qualified, approach this procedure as an art, using refined techniques to produce customized results for each individual.
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Cellulite can result from hormonal changes, bringing physiological changes to the subcutaneous fat layer. Getting rid of cellulite has proven very difficult, with past treatments focusing on surface remedies. Cellulite patients come in all sizes.
Find out more about cellulite and its treatments.

Spider Veins

Spider Vein treatment, known as sclerotherapy, removes spider veins and associated symptoms permanently. Not to be confused with varicose veins, spider veins are excess veins that your body does not need. So why keep them?
Learn more about shedding spider veins.


Micropigmentation, sometimes called permanent makeup, treats pigmentation in the epidermis and dermis layers to last longer. It's especially important to investigate the practitioner's qualifications for this treatment. This article gives you the top-ten reasons for using permanent makeup.
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Mini Micro Procedures

Some of the major procedures in cosmetic plastic surgery also have less-invasive options, which are intended to treat smaller imperfections and tend to use smaller incisions. These include the mini facelift, micro neck-lift, and micro-lipo.
Check out these less-invasive mini and micro procedures.

Otoplasty: Ear Surgery for Today's Children and Adults

Otoplasty is cosmetic or corrective surgery for ears. Most patients are children between the ages of 4 and 14. Treatment is often elected by parents to save their children from ridicule because of malformed ears or other ear conditions.
Find out why balance and timing are important for otoplasty.

Making an Informed Decision

Combining non-invasive and medium-invasive treatments and full plastic surgery procedures under one comprehensive treatment plan requires extensive planning and consultations. This article explains the most important considerations in making an informed decision.
Learn more about making an informed decision.