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   Nine Free Skin & Beauty Apps You Should Download Today

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    Want to see how you might look with Kylie Jenner’s lips or the Duchess of Cambridge’s nose? Well, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are several.

    Plastic surgery-simulation, skin care and beauty apps are among the most downloaded out there. Some of these apps help connect you with local doctors, while others educate you with information about procedures. There are even apps that help diagnose skin cancer. What’s more, most of them are FREE.

    Here are nine free skin and beauty apps we recommend:

  • 1. Plastic Surgery Simulator Lite

    Plastic Surgery Simulator

    What it does: Allows you to “try on” plastic surgeries.

    Cost: Free

    Available across all platforms


  • 2. Beauty Mirror


    What it does: Allows you to retouch your own images in real time. Think face slimming, jaw contouring, eyebrow reshaping, weight loss and acne reduction. A quick scan of your face is calibrated through real-time video, and you immediately see yourself thinner and brighter.

    Cost: Free

    This app only supports 64-bit devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina, iPhone 5S or above)


  • 3. Modiface Facelift


    What it does: Allows you to see yourself with a facelift, nose job, brow lift, lip augmentation and much more before you commit to the real thing.

    Cost: Free

    Available across all platforms


  • 4. Face Plastic Surgery Doctor

    Face Plastic Surgery Doctor

    What it does: This American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) app allows you to research procedures and search for an AAFPRS member surgeon by name, ZIP code, or proximity using a global positioning system (GPS).

    Cost: Free

    Available across all platforms


  • 5. Manhattan Plastic Surgery for Men

    manhattan plastic surgery for men

    What it does: Introduces men to the plastic surgery practice of a well-known New York City surgeon. It includes access to specials, photos and a social media community to help guys learn more about Brotox and the like.

    Cost: Free

    Available across all platforms


  • 6. Zwivel


    What it does: This timesaving app allows for ample back and forth (i.e., zwiveling) between you and a surgeon before you commit to a face-to-face meeting. Wouldn’t you rather know you are on the same page before stepping foot in the office?

    Cost: Free

    Available for iPhone and iPad


  • 7. Derm A to Z

    derm a to z

    What it does: Curious what the Ultraviolet (UV) index is in San Diego, Las Vegas or Boston? There’s an app for that. The American Academy of Dermatology’s Derm A to Z offers a real-time UV index based on the geographic location of the device, in addition to providing health and beauty tips, information on diseases and treatments, and a find-a-dermatologist search tool.

    Cost: Free

    Available across all platforms


  • 8. DermaCompare™

    Derma Compare

    What it does: Aims to help diagnose skin cancer earlier, when it is in its most treatable stage. You can take total body photography images and transmit them — in real time — for evaluation from a dermatologist. These images are then compared using a cloud database, as well as your previous images.

    Cost: Free

    Downloadable on all platforms


  • 9. Face Touch Up

    Face Touch Up

    What it does: Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif (yes, that Dr. Nassif of E!’s Botched!) developed an app that allows you to see before-and-after photos, try on facial surgeries, learn about procedures and even contact the reality TV surgeon himself.

    Cost: Free

    Available for Apple devices



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