Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery's Guide to Getting Red-Carpet Ready

The Academy Awards are almost upon us. While many viewers will tune in to see who will take home the coveted Oscar, others will watch just to see what the nominees will wear as they stroll down the red carpet — and whether or not they had any nips or tucks in anticipation of the big night.

Pre-red-carpet plastic surgery often means big business for top board-certified plastic surgeons. Here's what some of them have to say about getting red-carpet ready for the Oscars or another red-carpet-worthy event, such as a wedding, big anniversary or high school reunion.

Don't Push the Envelope

No, we're not talking about that envelope (the heavily guarded one that lists the Oscar winner's name). We're talking about your timeline. If you get cosmetic surgery done too soon before the big day, you may end up with swelling and looking less than natural because you haven't fully healed.

Celebrities pick their dress and even write their acceptance speech well in advance. The same holds true for any plastic surgery plans.

If you only have a few weeks to look your best, a series of skin care treatments like light chemical peels can make sure your skin looks great with little downtime. Botox and soft tissue fillers can make a nice change, but don't wait too long.

Botox or Dysport can help erase your worry lines, and volumizing hyaluronic-acid based fillers can plump up your nasolabial folds or augment your lips.

These injectables don't have much downtime, but hyaluronic acid-based soft tissue fillers, including Restylane and Juvederm, can take a few days to kick in. They also may result in some bruising or swelling, depending on where you get injected. Schedule your injectables treatment for at least two weeks before your big red-carpet event.

Award Yourself a Statue-sque Body

These treatments can prepare your face for the big night, but what about your body? You found the perfect dress — and it fits like a glove (or would, if it wasn't for your menopot or another equally vexing trouble spot). Even celebrities with trainers and nutritionists may have trouble with bulges that just don't budge. Should you look for a new dress?

No way, says Julius Few, MD, a Chicago-based board-certified plastic surgeon. According to Few, laser liposuction is the antidote for bat wings, muffin tops or other trouble areas that will make your body less than statuesque as you walk into any big event. Seeing is believing, and Few has seen impressive results in many people who've come to him for this treatment before a major event. The results are "unbelievable."

"There are immediate improvements that continue to get better over the first six weeks," Few adds.

Laser-assisted liposuction can take place in the surgeon's office using local anesthesia. It can be performed a week before the event. Aftercare involves wearing a surgical compression garment for a few days, then switching to Spanx shapewear, which can be worn under any dress no matter how revealing.

Regardless of what procedures you choose, don't cut corners. You may be in a rush, but don't compromise on credentials. Plastic surgery should only be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. Choosing an experienced, board-certified surgeon is the only way to maximize your satisfaction with the cosmetic results and minimize your risk of complications. Start your search for the right local plastic surgeon now. Good luck!