Ship Out to Shape Up

Gone, but not forgotten are our long, lingering beach days and bountiful barbecues and bonfires. Summer is over, but many of the signs of our seasonal indulgences are anything but. The best way your get your bikini body back is to rev up your post-labor-day fitness with a trip to a destination spa.

These excursions can be pricey, but deals may be available now and throughout the year on or other travel sites.

Here's what you can expect from some of the top destination spas in the U.S.

Canyon Ranch
Lenox, Mass.

There is no better place to check yourself before you wreck yourself than Canyon Ranch. Fitness classes start at sunrise and span past sunset. There are also group hikes in the scenic Berkshire Mountains, wellness lectures, cooking classes and a full array of spa services. A weekend or week at the Ranch will leave you feeling revived, refreshed and ready for Fall.

The Pearl
Laguna Beach, Calif

Created by yoga pioneers, the Pearl is a tony retreat nestled in Laguna Canyon. It accommodates a mere 14 guests at a time. The program is based around exhilarating hikes, yoga and organic cuisine — with an emphasis on detox. There's no alcohol and no caffeine allowed at the Pearl. (Diet Coke is considered contraband here.) Daily massages and mid-day juice, tea and broth calls will help take the edge off and get the toxins out.

Miraval Resorts
Tucson, Ariz.

Oprah Winfrey loves Miraval, and within minutes of your arrival, you'll see why. This is the perfect spot for a girlfriends' getaway or solo retreat. Hikes, yoga, group fitness classes along with ziplining, rock climbing and mountain biking (depending on your thirst for adventure), an equine immersion experience, and photography or astrology classes make the days pass way too seamlessly. Healthy meals and spa treatments including hot stone massage are the cherry on top of this sundae. You won't want to leave.

Mii Amo
Sedona, Ariz.

Sedona is magical and mystical and so is Mii Amo. Surrounded by red rock formations that seem to come alive if you stare long enough, Mii Amo offers spa treatments that blend Native American rituals with holistic healing, perfectly portioned gourmet meals and refreshing iced teas served all day long. You will leave Mii Amo feeling refreshed physically and spiritually.

Lake Austin Spa and Resort

Think camp (but not campy), add in quaint cottages on a shimmering lake, full spa services, celeb spottings, water sports, healthy eats and Austin's hip vibe, and you've got the Lake Austin Spa and Resort. Jump on a waterbike or paddleboard after lunch and take in all the sights and smells that make this place oh-so-perfect.

Destination Detox

Destinaton Detox hangs a shingle at a bed and breakfast in the sleepy town of Hudson, NY a few times a year. The retreat spans seven days and includes an aggressive juice cleanse. Nightly seminars focus on mindfulness, nutritional education and transformation. You will be hungry, but you will leave a good five lbs thinner than when you arrived, not to mention a whole lot clearer.


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