Binge Watching for Beginners

You plowed through your beach reads in record time, and can't bear the thought of summer reruns, so what's to do on those long summer nights or washed-out weekends?

Binge watch the series that all of your friends and colleagues talked about all year, of course. Not sure where to start? We make it easy for you with our Binge Watching for Beginners guide.

Orange Is the New Black (OITNB)
Three seasons in, and OITNB is getting better, deeper and funnier. You can easily watch the whole series in one long weekend. It's the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling). She's a 30-something blonde sentenced to 15 months in prison for helping her girlfriend transport drug money. That's the back-story, but the real heart of the show are the other inmates. The A-list cast features Kate Mulgrew as prison chef "Red," Taryn Manning as Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, a right-wing hero for all the wrong reasons and Laverne Cox who plays a transgender prisoner. You won't be able to hit pause once the action starts.

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If you like OITNB, you'll love Wentworth. Yes, it's another female lock-up drama, but this one takes place in an Australian women's prison (OITNB takes place in upstate NY). There's less fluff and more grit at Wentworth. If you are not hooked after episode one, don't give up. Wentworth is worth it.

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Downton Abbey
This 19th century historical drama chronicles an earl, his family, their servants and their lives, loves and losses. It may sound like a sleeper, but its must-see TV. The sixth and final season will air in 2016. Get up to speed this summer so you can host a goodbye party when the show wraps for good.

Available on DVD and Amazon Prime

Odd Mom Out
Bravo's new scripted comedy is dead-on. It focuses on a wealthy Manhattan mom and her uber-wealthy, tres pretentious social circle. Those who think it's exaggerated don't live on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Jill Kargman (@jillkargman) is self-deprecating and then some as she tackles the hellish private school admission process, her first indoor cycling class and many an awkward social sitch. (The bread joke doesn't get old... watch it and you'll see what we mean.)

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High Flying Adored

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