On the Up and Up

Indoor cycling plus upper body workout
Perfect for: Moms who crave an efficient, mind-body workout
Setting: Disco balls, candles and occasionally strobe lighting set the club-like tone
Dress for success: Soul Cycle's signature apparel collection, of course, including the new Ramy Brook X SoulCycle line.
Time commitment: 45 minutes
Cost: $20 for first ride, $34 going forward
What you can expect if you stick with it: Baby weight will be gone and you will up your hip quotient by knowing all the latest house music mash-ups. The pedal pushing won't bulk up your thighs and calves, so don't buy into those rumors.
Celebrity following: Madonna (does it get any better than that?)

Intense cardio with strength training
Perfect for: Spinner athletes who are looking for some body sculpting perks
Setting: dance-y, upbeat replete with resistance bands, balls, small weights, and a ballet barre
Dress for Success: Lululemon, Athletica or FlyWheel's own sporty line
Time Commitment: 55 minutes
Cost: $30
What you can expect if you stick with: It takes about 10 classes to see results, and by then you will be addicted to the burn too.
Celebrity following: FlyBarre is an offshoot of Flywheel SportsĀ®, an indoor cycling studio frequented by Katie Couric and Jimmy Kimmel

Strength training plus cardio
Perfect for: Exercise junkies
Setting: Sweaty, chic, loud and kinetic
Dress for success: Lululemon, ear plugs
Time commitment: About an hour
Cost: $34 per class in NYC; prices may vary across the US
What you can expect if you stick with it: No other workout changes your body as fast as Barry's Bootcamp, with 1,000 calories burned per class
Celebrity following: It's "The Best Celebrity Workout," according to Allure and Los Angeles Magazine

Strength and conditioning program
Setting: Mirrorless, old school and hard core
Dress for Success: Anything goes
Time commitment: Whatever you have to spare Cost: Monthly membership fees
What you an expect if you stick with it: Dramatic weight loss, tight and toned abs and arms and a legion of new friends
Celebrity following: Jessica Biel and Brad Pitt


And the winner is ... The traditional crunch.

The American Council on Exercise compared the traditional crunch or sit-up to a host of popular ab equipment including the Ab Circle Pro, Ab Roller, Ab Lounge, Perfect Sit-Up, Ab Coaster, Ab Rocket, Ab Wheel and Ab Straps, as well as other exercises, to see which helped flatten and firm abs. None elicited greater muscle activation than the traditional crunch.

If your sit-up routine just isn't cutting it.

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Can I take an indoor cycling class with breast implants?

You sure can ... eventually. Talk to your doctor about when you can return to indoor cycling after breast augmentation. In general, it makes sense to wait two or three weeks before returning to any heavy exercise.

Work it. Sweat it.
Rock it.

Songs To Pump Up Your Workout

1.     Chandelier – Sia

2.     Problem – Ariana Grande/ Iggy Azalea

3.     Hanging On – Ellie Golding

4.     Liberate – Eric Prydz

5.     Lessons in Love – Kaskade/Neon Trees

6.     A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay

7.     Maps – Maroon 5