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There’s locks to love about the coming Spring, including the fact that it's slated to come early. (At least according to a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil.) With the prospect of an early Spring arrival, Goddess Gossip has done some trend spotting to give you a head start on hairstyles guaranteed to put some Spring in your step.

“I am working on boyish cuts close to the face for some — while others are finding large, loose curls cascading more flattering for their look and lifestyle,” says Meri Stafa of Meri Hair in New York City.

Once you have your new style, “bring it to life with color and charm,” she says.

Legally Bronde?

In case you haven’t heard, bronde (think blonde with a brown base) is the new blonde. If the likes of Blake Lively, J.Lo, Cara Delevingne or Chrissy Teigen have anything to say about it, brondes have even more fun!

Balayage — where a colorist paints through small sections of hair to subtly alter your color — is also trending. “With color, I am aware that many women are asking for a “mix” of sorts,” says Stafa. Hair coloring that is not drastic, instead offering soft, caramel-colors; variations versus extremes.

Rainbow High

British model and Redken spokesperson Amber Le Bon lit up social media with rainbow bangs. This may be a tad too dramatic for some. Instead, express yourself with single-color dyed bangs and see how it goes.

Bling It!

“Adornments are my personals favorites this coming season,” says Stafa. “I’m talking about barrettes, ribbons, tiaras… the works!”

Cool Mess

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