30-Something Patient Stories

Patient: Elaine Ashford

Age: 46
Age at Time of Surgery: 32 and 37
Occupation: Hair Dresser
Location: Del Mar, California
Procedures: breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, skincare
Doctor: Dr. Larry Shaw, Scottsdale, Arizona: www.theshawcenter.com

"At 32 years of age, I decided to have a breast augmentation procedure, and it's been one of the best investments I ever made in myself!

"When considering a breast augmentation, I'd suggest that patients let the doctor know about every aspect of your life, including the medications you are taking and the daily activities you participate in. For example, I work out quite often. I have found that wearing a sports bra, not only during my workouts, but as much as possible, has helped with avoiding the possibility of sagging or a secondary procedure later.

"It's also important to have mammograms on schedule and be certain that the facility is equipped to handle the special needs of breast implant patients.

"When I was 37, I had a blepharoplasty procedure. I also began a more aggressive skincare regimen that includes regular facial chemical peels at this time. At 46, there is still no need to repeat my blepharoplasty procedure.

"Today I receive many compliments about my skin and the youthful appearance of my eyes. I'd definitely recommend that gals in the 30-something category invest in themselves with a more aggressive skincare program, because aging catches up quickly after 40!

"I do my best to take care of myself with a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right and exercising. And it's paid off! I feel young and beautiful. I know that my cosmetic procedures have helped to boost my self confidence along the way. In fact, I'm saving up for my facelift now!"

Patient: Christine Destefano

Age: 34
Location: San Diego, California
Procedure: rhinoplasty
Doctor: Dr. Robert Singer, La Jolla, California: www.rsingermd.com

"When I was 31 years old, I had finally saved enough money to proceed with a rhinoplasty procedure! Throughout my childhood, I had always been teased about my nose. In fact, my childhood nickname was Destefanose.

"Although my parents told me that I was beautiful and did not need surgery, I had the feeling that everyone else in my life did not think that, because everyone else picked on me about my nose. This carried into my adult life, even though the teasing stopped. I found that I would be uncomfortable in business meetings, guarding my profile, which might have made other people feel that I was being distant.

"For people considering surgery to improve a defect on their face or body, I would suggest that they do extensive research about the procedure and the doctor. I completed my research on the Internet by visiting dozens of doctors' websites.

"I found the Internet to be an invaluable resource. I learned about the technology behind the procedure and the doctors' credentials. I could compare the before-and-after pictures of patients who were seen by the doctor and read the patient testimonials. Then I conducted in-office visits with the choices that best suited my needs, equipped with the right research ammunition to choose the right doctor.

"I'd also want to let people know that plastic surgery is not superficial. It has been a positive, life-changing procedure that I went into only to reshape my nose."

If you would like to contact Christine about her experience, you can send her an email.