Plastic Surgery Checklists for Patients

This section presents various checklists to help you prepare for your plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments. After reading all of the material on this website for your particular procedures, treatments, or combinations of treatments, you can use the checklists in this section to ensure that you are completely informed and ready before your day in surgery.

Making an Informed Decision

Combining non-invasive and medium-invasive treatments and full plastic surgery procedures under one comprehensive treatment plan requires extensive planning and consultations. This article explains the most important considerations in making an informed decision.
Learn more about making an informed decision on plastic surgery.

Pre- and Post-Op Checklist

This checklist gives you a nutshell of the most important information you will need concerning your initial consultation, the days before surgery, the night before surgery, and the day of surgery.
View the pre- and post-op checklist.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinical Trials

This article explains what a clinical trial is and what you should ask before participating in one. We also provide a list of current cosmetic surgery clinical trials from the U.S. National Institutes of Health database. Learn more about cosmetic surgery clinical trials.


There are options in anesthesia, which depend on your individual condition and the type of procedure. There are also risks, which you should understand before undergoing surgery.
Learn more about anesthesia.

Malignant Hyperthermia

A rare but very serious complication of general anesthesia, malignant hyperthermia can occur during surgery, including plastic surgery.
How to protect yourself from malignant hyperthermia.

Nine Tips for a Healthy Recovery from Plastic Surgery

Gathering all the information about your plastic surgery procedures and treatments helps you make the right decisions. It is also important to be prepared for recovery time. This article helps you understand what to expect after surgery, with tips on how to minimize discomfort and inconvenience.
Get the inside information on how to improve your recovery from plastic surgery.

MRSA Infections

Infection is a risk of any type of surgery, including plastic surgery. Recently a few cases of MRSA infections occurred after facelifts. MRSA infections are difficult to treat because they are caused by penicillin-resistant bacteria.
Learn how to protect yourself from MRSA infection.

Recovery Aids that Look Good

Recovery aids are used for both healing and hiding the effects of surgery. Garments and accessories, including those required to help you heal, can also improve your appearance during recovery.
Learn more about recovery aids you can live with.

Plastic Surgery Costs

The cost of plastic surgery depends on the procedure, ancillary medications, follow-up care and even where you live. Here's a list of average plastic surgeon fees in the United States, as researched by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Read about plastic surgery cost

Teens and Plastic Surgery

Is it OK for adolescents to have plastic surgery? Surgeons say it depends on the procedure and the reasons behind it.
Learn more about plastic surgery for teens.

Traveling for Plastic Surgery

There are some good reasons to travel for specialized cosmetic surgery procedures. There are also some good reasons not to. Sometimes surgery-travel packages sound attractive, but be sure to consider the added risks. The key is to plan well and be prepared.
Learn more about traveling for plastic surgery.

How Much Is Too Much?

Are you building an aggressive cosmetic treatment plan, or pursuing an obsessive goal that cannot be attained? This article takes a look at the difference between positive health-and-beauty strategies and unhealthy obsessions with endless imagined flaws.
Make sure you don't have an addiction to plastic surgery.

Emotional Changes

Unlike other surgeries, cosmetic surgery often includes complicated emotional motives and consequences. Some emotional issues may preclude treatment. This article helps you understand how to deal with emotional changes that may occur with cosmetic plastic surgery.
Learn more about the emotional side of plastic surgery.


From insurance coverage to payment plans, this article helps you understand typical surgery-financing issues and options.
Learn more about patient financing.

Plastic Surgery News

Our feature news page keeps you up to date with the latest happenings, personal experiences, advancements, and other developments in cosmetic plastic surgery.
Find out what's happening now in plastic surgery news.

30-Something Patient Stories

Other people's experiences with plastic surgery can often help you better understand what is involved and what to expect. This article presents personal stories of patients in their 30s.
Read about plastic surgery patient experiences.

Mommy Makeover Patient Story

Other people's experiences with plastic surgery can often help you better understand what is involved and what to expect. This article presents a personal story of one Mom's rejuvenating experience in cosmetic surgery.
Read about this mommy makeover.

Weight Loss Surgery Weight Loss Surgery Testimonials

One of the best ways to learn about any surgery is to learn from other people's experiences. A personal experience can give you insight not available from learning only the technical aspects of surgery.
Find out what weight loss surgery patients say about their experience.